Free Custom Team Uniform Offer – Feb 2019

Instructions for CricClubs Hotstar Team Uniform Promotion 2019

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How does this work?
You can pick ONE of the three offers below.
Offer 1: One Subscription = One Individual Team Jersey + One Matching Pant (Customized)
Offer 2: One Subscription = Two Individual Team Jerseys (Customized)
Offer 3: One Subscription = ONE Practice Jersey (no customization)

Take advantage of this offer in 3 easy steps! 
Step 1: Subscribe to Hotstar Annual Sports & Entertainment Pack
Step 2: Receive an email from CricClubs confirming your subscription (typically takes 3 to 5 days) and instructions to place your / your team’s order
Step 3: Follow instructions in the email and place your / your team’s order

Terms & Conditions:

  • For Offer 1 and Offer 2, a minimum of 8 subscriptions are required with same design and shipping address
  • Additional Jerseys can be purchased at a promotional rate of $12 per Jersey or $23 per Set (Jersey + Pant)
  • Offer valid only on designs offered for this promotion. If you have a different design for your team, please reach out to CricClubs Apparel team at for feasibility and cost.
  • Customization can include one league logo, one team logo in the front and player name + number on the back of the jersey
  • Offer is valid only on Hotstar Annual Sports & Entertainment Pack and when purchased with the Promo Code provided above
  • Team uniforms / Jerseys are being offered directly by CricClubs. Any queries about the offers should be addressed to CricClubs. Hotstar will not be able to provide information regarding the apparel offers.
  • Once Hotstar confirms validity of your subscription (typically takes 3-5 days) send instructions to your subscribed email on how to group your team subscriptions together
  • This promo code is exclusive to your league, any number of teams can use the same promo code
  • This is a limited time offer and is valid only until 21st March 2019
  • Additional terms and conditions apply


#1: If your team gets 8 subscriptions using the promo code above, you will get an option to choose either 16 customized team Jerseys or 8 sets (Customized Jersey + Pant). Additional Jerseys can be purchased at a promotional rate of $12 per Jersey or $23 per Set (Jersey + Pant)
#2: Customization process requires a minimum quantity of 8 Jerseys. If your team is able to get only 3 hotstar subscriptions using the promo code above, you can opt for 6 customized team Jerseys or 3 sets (Customized Jersey + Pant). Since is below the minimum required quantity, you can purchase additional jerseys or sets at the promotional rates to make meet the minimum requirement. The promotional rates for a Jersey is $12 and for a set (Jersey + Pant) is $23.
#3: If you are not part of a team and got a subscription for yourself, you can opt for Offer 3 above and receive one Free high quality CricClubs Practice jersey shipped


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